Depression & Ängste - Junge Selbsthilfe International     (Gruppe Nr. 221, aktualisiert am 11. 03. 2020)

International Student Support Group

Do you suffer from depression or anxiety?
We are a group of young people involved in various support groups in Aachen. We are convinced that it is particularly helpful to meet with people who made similar experiences. A support group gives you an opportunity to talk openly about your feelings in a non-judgemental environment. By joining our group you will make the experience that you are not alone!
If you are interested to participate please contact us:

Stichwörter: Depression, Ängste, Angst, englischsprachig, Internationale Gruppe, International Group, Anxiety, Junge Selbsthilfe
Ort der Treffen: VHS, Sandkaulbach 13, Raum A 11, 52062 Aachen Achtung: 9.4 + 16.4 VHS, Peterstraße 21-25, Raum 312, 52062 Aachen
    Turnus der Treffen: unregelmäßig
    Zeitpunkt der Treffen: 18:00
1. Ansprechpartner/-in: Marc
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